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SUBS [Beijing] / MR. GRACELESS [Beijing] / ALPINE DECLINE [US] / GLOW CURVE [Beijing] / V-DAY [Nanjing] / FUZZ [Xi’an] 

SUBS: a double play of the name of the band: Invincible (杀不死 in Chinese), or Super Universe Baby Scream. SUBS is a band of sharp attitude and distinguished style. In China, many rock n’ roll lovers refer to SUBS as the best band; in the international scene, every single gig of theirs rocks. SUBS despises commercialization and record companies, refuses signing contracts. Pure, rock n’ roll spirit is their only label. Direct, powerful, relentless, ruthless, novel. Punk from head to toe, strangely and brilliantly fused with Emo, Garage, New Wave, Post Rock etc.. As a truly original band, SUBS cannot be defined, and cannot be predicted.

Mr. Graceless was formed in 2008, and it is chiefly influenced by rock n’ roll musics from the 60s onward. Mr. Graceless insists on principally producing “easy listening” songs, and tends toward a playful diversity of compositions. By the end of 2010 Mr. Graceless released independently DEMO.1, and released debut album The Tree Ever Green under Maybe Mars by the end of 2012. The Tree Ever Green includes early works of the band, seven English songs, two Chinese songs and two instrumentals. This album about nostalgia, melancholy and a farewell to the teenage time was warmly welcomed by the independent rock n’ roll scene in 2012, was included in important lists, and eventually won the annual rock n’ roll album of Abbey Road Award of Douban.

Alpine Decline appeared in 2010 in East LA spinning up their machines & spinning out a web made of quarter inch tape. In less than a year they recorded three full length albums & then promptly vanished, spirited to China. With two brand new albums they re-appeared: Night of the Long Knives in 2013 and their latest Go Big Shadow City. It is noticed that the band comes closer to us from their previous artistic dwellings. With minds that are numb and drunk, Alpine Decline walks through chaos and the sickness of the time, into ancient alleys and naked ruins.

Glow Curve, influenced by early post-rock, avant-garde rock n’ roll and electric music, combines complicated logics, high passions, poetic and philosophical lyrics with architectural compositions. It renews avant-garde rock, and has an unique Oriental glow about it. It is signed to Modern Sky in 2012, and released Dedicate to Mind in September 2013.

V-DAY is a veteran independent brit-pop band from Nanjing formed in 2005. In 2014 V-Day was signed to RockLand Beijing. Its music is influenced by numerous British bands, and has won a special position among rock n’ roll lovers in east China with their graceful manners and versatile compositions. Over the years, V-Day has been invited to important festivals such as Yangtze River International Music Festival, Shanghai Strawberry Music Festival, Nanjing Jiangnan Production Music Festival, Scraper Music Festival etc.

FUZZ is an independent post-punk band from Xi’an. In 2013, Fuzz released debut album Who Makes Running Horse under Modern Sky, and carried out a national tour Love Hate in 2014. The old, drunken electric garage Fuzz is long gone – The Fuzz today is the British 80s post-punk, with retro sounds reminding one of legendary The Cure and Joy Division.

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