AUSTRALIA FAIR——Independent Singer/Composer TIAN TIAN



Carteria – a unique algae found in shallow sea, with no appetite for sunshine and producing no flower nor fruit – presents to the world incredibly mesmerizing colors.

The Carteria is the name of Tian Tian’s band, allegedly coined during one shower. Out of love for beautiful melodies, Tian Tian started making music in the Autumn of 2004, the heyday of Beijing independent music.

Tian Tian has came a long way, from studying in Australia in 2004 to signed to Dong Music in 2014, now the star independent singer/composer promoted by Zhang Lidong. Straight after forming The Carteria in Beijing Tian Tian moved to Sydney for education. In 2005 alone he created a dozen of indie pop songs, and released in 2006 the popular album Sweet Dream. After Sweet Dream, Tian Tian has included a variety of music genres into his own composition, such as acoustic, indie rock and even blues rock. After the second-ever concert in Beijing in 2007, The Carteria was disbanded, and Tian Tian continued his study in Australia. Tian Tian in his golden youth got to immerse himself in the sublime land and the profound independent music scene of Australia.

Now, back to Beijing again, this youngster influenced by Angus Stone and Richard Hawley will share his stories in songs. Bian Yuan of Joyside will also come to support his good friend.

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  • Tickets: Rmb 80 (door) / 60 (presale | stop at midnight on 11th of April)