Friday 11 Apr // 21:30




Last winter, Dashe has held a wonderful opening party, and now our first spring is coming around.

Like the saying “spring is the best time of the year”, this spring may be the begin, and also may be the end.

Therefore, Dashe has invited five bands, and their fields, styles and companies differ from each other.

This party is like a fraternity.

And its aim is “Let’s have fun together”!


Mr.Graceless, the indie rock band formed in Beijing, 2008. Now it plays an important role in Maybe Mars, the band has a unique style and a heart never die young.

Steely Heart is from Robust Husband Entertainment, and the vocal of the band is so handsome that both girls or boys are obsessed with him.


It’s hard to evaluate the Molds, all I have to say is that their music is so fucking good, and their performance in the livehouse is so charming that you can’t help fall in love with them!


Residence A is belong to Beautylife Music , the same company as Escape Plan. After the launch of their first CD, you can find them in many music festivals and live houses.

Compared with the former bands, Byebye Noise is still a new band but has great potential, and it signed Dashe Music at the beginning of this year. Although its name mentions noise, it has nothing to do with noise, actually, it’s a garage rock band whose vocal is also very charming.


Tickets online:

  • Start: 21:30
  • Tickets: Rmb 120 (door) / 100 (presale | stop at midnight on 10th of April)
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