TheArtOfFusion is known for its energetic and melodic live performances and the fusion of many music genres. In 2014 TheArtOfFusion is including electronica, jazz, psychedelic rock, progressive rock, world  and symphonic sounds. TheArtOfFusion reaches a wide range of audience – different people of age and background come together. The original sound of TheArtOfFusion come from the experiment with different instrument mixed with electronics.


An important element of the sound is the “Hang” – an instrument invented

in the year 2000 in Switzerland. Rafael Sotomayor composer and leader of

the band is one of the most recognized “Hang”players world wide.The

project has a big audience in Europe and high popularity through the

internet. More than 3 million clicks in youtube confirm the interest of

the people in this new experimental music.


Here are some links to our youtube channel and Facebook fan page.


The core of the this project consists of:


Rafael Sotomayor – Vocals, Hang and Electronics

Lorenzo Dolce – Saxophone and Electronics

Tomek Witiak – E. Guitar

Volker Kehl – Drum set, Acoustic and Electronic

Robin Schwarzfeld  –  Keyboard and Synth

Pola Sell –  Video Projections


TheArtOfFusion in the press:

„TheArtOfFusion, a band of European musicians led by Chilean-born Rafa Sotomayor, provided a riveting headlining set. With Sotomayor on the Hang (often referred to as Hang drum), this group unleashed the most potent sound to come

out of this PIJF and left a lasting impression.“ -The Star

„When Hang and Rafael Sotomayor got together, they knew the world is ready for what their music has in store. Stirring a wild following from the band’s exceptional, clever mergence of rhythms across the globe, get ready for a whole lot of afro-beat, latin rock and smooth as butter jazz from their set.“ -Time Out

„What makes the project so special is that no performance is the same. With different guest artists, such as dancers, visuals and different musicians we  always experience a new combination.“  – Platform


supported by the city government of Frankfurt and

“Initiative Musik Berlin”

Tickets online:

  • Start:
  • Tickets: Rmb 80 (door) / 50 (presale | stop at midnight on 16th of April)