Beijing Portacones Flamenco studio celebrates its anniversary by this debut show.

“Portacones” means “dancing of heels”, the essence of Flamenco. Dancers display different rhythms by tapping the floor, assembling an instrument other than the guitar which domains Flamenco. “Portacones” was established in March 2013 after two years preparation, and now is the first and only Flamenco studio in China certificated by Spanish Dancing Association.

La Chana, one of the top Flamenco dancers around the world now, has been invited to be the special art director of Portacones in Spain while Javier Meilán, her chief disciple, is in charge of the art direction and management of the studio in China. As an outstanding Flamenco dancer and choreographer, he is aiming to introduce the authentic and true spirit of Flamenco into China. Yolanda Santiago, the other teacher of Portacones, was the chief dancer of Fragua dancing company and has associated with many Flamenco masters such as Aid Gomez、Concha Jareño、Sara Baras.

This time Portacones is going to introduce the Tablao atmosphere to this show which brings zero distance between the performers and audience. The performers all have different occupations and nationalities while they have the same belief in Flamenco. It could be said that they are now the best Flamenco dancers in China.

The show is going to last one and half hours and will includes 15 pieces of dances, as well as instrumental performance.

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  • Tickets: Rmb 80 (door) / 50 (presale | stop at midnight on 17th of January )