Aerocraft Principles & Immaterialism is the name of Snapline and Chui Wan’s joint show coming up on December 20th at Yugong Yishan.

Why are these two bands going to hold a joint concert at the end of 2013?

Last year, Snapline and Chui Wan released their respective new albums “Phenomena” and “White Night”, their most recent studio work, in summer and winter. Both albums show immense creativity and have earned many good reviews from several critics and media, so it makes sense to have them play a show together. Snapline and Chui Wan were also each others’ support acts for their respective album release shows, having thus built a much sought after inter-band relationship.

From a mystic point of view, we could say that Snapline and Chui Wan are destined for each other; they’re opposed yet unified. Snapline’s music can be described as minimalist post punk with a confrontational element and unmistakable German influences, pure and high profile, whereas Chui Wan, who take their name from a saying by philosopher Zhuangzi, play psychedelic, playful and experimental sounds.

On top of that, both bands’ members often improvise together, experimenting with impromptu techniques and avant-garde sounds, exploring the limitations of unconventional rock and creating an “underground” within the underground scene, something that has brought them closer on a personal and artistic level. Snapline and Chui Wan’s members are also regulars at XP’s “Zoomin’ Night” and “Sub Jam“.

In 2013, both bands also expanded their activities geographically: Snapline’s Li Qing and Li Weisi were invited to participate in an artist residency program in Vienna and Chui Wan toured Europe for the first time in March.

And if that’s not enough, Snapline and Chui Wan have been working on new songs, a fundamental step towards creating their next albums. Even though they don’t have the final versions yet, some of these songs will be presented at this show.

So, what will the show be like?

Needless to say, this show will include teasers as to how Snapline and Chui Wan’s music has developed over the past year and tentative predictions as to what shape their sound will take in the near future.

At this show, they will attempt to change form and content and stretch the auditory and visual experiences even farther beyond the conventional. The result will be a “more complete” experience than your usual rock show.

To set the mood, before the start of the concert, both bands will DJ their best-loved songs, so expect to be induced into a Snapline-Chui Wan trance the minute you walk into Yugong Yishan.

Open your mind and surrender your senses to Snapline and Chui Wan, let them knock you into a state for that evening!

Tickets online:

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  • Tickets: Rmb 80 (door) / 60 (presale | stop at midnight on 19th of December)