A meditative, hypnotic audio-visual experience featuring songs from the forthcoming FM3 album “Ting Shuo”.

FM3 is the Beijing-based music duo of Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian. They are considered the pioneers of electronic music in China. Since 1999, Virant and Zhang have been making meditative music by combining the sound of Chinese classical instruments with modern digital techniques.

They are best known for the design and production of the “Buddha Machine” loop-player. This small music box was named one of the best music releases of 2005 by the New York Times. In 2011, The Washington Post put the third – generation Buddha Machine at the top of its buying guide for music lovers. “It’s bliss”, the paper said.

In addition to the Buddha Machine, FM3 creates music for film, television, multi-media art exhibits and has an extensive discography on various labels around the world.

FM3 has been called “the most prominent experimental act in China” by US magazine Grooves. The UK magazine The Wire calls FM3 live sets “meditative,” “soothing” and “engagingly intimate.”

Ting Shuo live in HongKong:

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  • Tickets: Rmb 50