“Cheers to Mayday” has been proved to be the nation’s largest live performance showing respect to Mayday.The first “Cheers to Mayday” party premiered in Beijing in October 2012, which attracts 6 Mayday fans band from five cities. Up to thirty classic songs from Mayday was performed for over 600 audiences. The party lasted as long as 5 hours. Moreover, “Gonglang Guitar club”and “Baidu Mayday Bar”, the organizers of the party devoted all the income to china foundation for poverty alleviation, and it was used to buy 24 care packages to sponsor poor children in Sichuan.

The second “Cheers to Mayday” party will be held in Yugong Yishan on November 3rd, 2013, which will necessarily be larger in scale and various in contents. The party insists on live show dominating, while creatively add interactive features which provides a platform for the participates to communicate with each others. It was also disclosed by the organizers that this time, all the income would stay on charity, hoping to help more people, not only enjoy our pleasure time.

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