BCONNECTED [Switzerland]

Founded in 1994 by the swiss guitarist Eugene Montenero, “bconnected” knew since its creation, to preserve a strong identity. In January 2013, the 8th record MAGICAL MYSTERY WORILD comes to confirm the strong will of the band to be leaded towards new musical horizons…

With already 19 years of experience, the band is in its full maturity, each one being able to feel in the direction which it wishes and with the intention to bring to the collective new connections. Because of this opening mind towards the world, bconnected is in perpetual evolution but keeping its roots in the tradition of the jazz music.


Tickets online: http://yugongyishantickets.taobao.com

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  • Tickets: Rmb 80 (door) / 50 (presale | stop at midnight on 10th of November)