Mr.Graceless is a Chinese indie-rock band formed in Beijing in 2008.

The band is mainly influenced by 60s rock’n’roll and their music goes further based on “nice melody”, mixing different styles they like. They released their debut album, The Tree Ever Green, in 2012, which contains 7 English songs, 2 Chinese songs and 2 instrumental songs. The album was a breakthrough success for the band and garnered a lot of attention both from the media and the audience, with many critics listing it as album of the year 2012.

Early summer of 2013, the band traveled on the road of Sichuan and Yunnan and went to Berlin full of inspiration. They worked out their new single with U2 & David Bowie’s producer – Peter Walsh.

June 26th, Mr. Graceless new single release at YUGONG YISHAN live house (Beijing). Be there! And see 3 rock & roll young folks fresh back from their unforgettable road trip.


With invitation only (Get the invitation at Yugong Yishan’s bar at 17:00 from 7th of June | Limited, on a first-come-first-serve-basis)

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