Masters of their craft need not be flashy: they are one of China’s most understated bands. Their songs, upon first listen, sound simple and frank. Only after careful listening do you realize how complicated and magnificent, musically composed, peaceful and sincere they truly are. They are Sound Fragment.

Sound Fragment is one of Mainland China’s most-beloved and well-respected indie rock bands, especially for lead singer and songwriter Ma Yulong’s poetic lyrics. One of the earliest bands signed by Badhead (which later went on to become Modern Sky Records), Sound Fragment has been together for over 10 years. In 2012, they signed to Starsing Records.

From their very first single “Kuang Huan” (“Carnival”) to subsequent tracks “Youmeide Diyu Shenghuo” (“Beauty Lower than Life”) and “Qingge Eryi” (“Just a Love Song”) to 2008’s acclaimed LP Ba Guangmang Saxiang Geng Kaikuo de Difang (Spreading Radiance To Greater Horizons) each Sound Fragment work is more moving and infectious than the last. Over the course of three albums, Sound Fragment have written songs expressing the sorrow and majesty of beauty while shunning mere words and relying on the perception of the world around them for inspiration. Through song they convey emotions of life, death, love and loss.

In a time and space of constant upheaval, when the soul is strangled by the desire for material wealth, when prices run away unfettered by checks and balances; confronting this suffocating and narrow-minded era, Sound Fragment consistently employ a simple aesthetic to move audiences. Listening to their recordings is like rediscovering golden songs in a pleasant haze. Watching them live whether bathed in sunlight or dancing in shadow is a matchless experience.

Ten years together and steadfastly creating deeply serene, rich, moving and ever-changing music, Sound Fragment create magnificent illusions so real that you might reach towards the stage to touch them. Humble yet wild, Sound Fragment touches every powerful and fragile emotion in your soul.

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