Tamas Wells is an Australian singer-songwriter. Wells first came to attention in his home country in 2002 with airplay of a three-track demo, Cigarettes, a Tie and a Free Magazine, recorded with three friends. They followed this up with an EP, Stitch in Time, the same year. The band took off in 2004 when they were spotted by record producer Tim Whitten and invited to record their debut album, A Mark on the Pane, with Popboomerang Records. Beginning that year, they performed five national tours.


In early 2006 Wells relocated to Rangoon, Burma, to participate in a community health HIV/AIDS education project. The band’s second album, A Plea en Vendredi, appeared later that year. In addition to the Australian release by Popboomerang, agreements were entered into with Inpartmaint and Pocket Records for the album to be released in Japan and China respectively. ThE hit song < Valder fields> was loved by people in many nations. Wells’ third album, Two Years in April was released in 2008, and was followed by the fourth album Thirty People Away in 2010. After first China tour in 2009,Wells came to meet Chinese fans every year.In this October,Wells will come to Beijing with his band together and give fans another fabulous show.


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