CHILDS [Mexico / post-rock]

Paul Marrón and Guillermo Batiz are the dynamic duo behind the epic electronic lullabies of Childs. Inspired by anime aesthetics, Icelandic elfin pop, sounds from the shoegaze era in the early nineties and indie rock, Childs have developed a strong cult following in their country. Their music stops short of being more than dream passages in a world full of pop opportunities, transcending simple trends of indie electronic music. With live instrumentation and intense performances in a live setting, Childs is one of the young electronic acts that live up to the task of transforming the precepts of Mexican electronic and rock music. Their music is a soft melange of digital, analog and acoustic sounds that they describe as “electronic lullabies”. In between the Sigur Ros template and the touch tone sounds of the Morr Music lunchbox, Childs craft music that is challenging, endearing and captivating.

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