Special guest: LOWBOW

Formed in 2008, since then, “Streets kill strange animals” brought the experimental and noise music performances to many venues in Beijing and impressed quite a few audiences. They accomplished a “three cities tour” (Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing) in September, 2010, meanwhile changing some members. In the same time, they attended Modern Sky Music Festival and played in the main stage. In 2011, their single song called <Tian Qiao Xia> was collected in <Modern Sky 6> which was a collection of young and talented bands in China, after that, they were signed in Modern Sky Record Label and began to work on their first album.

After half a year spent on recording and producing their first album, Streets kill strange animals’ new album <Plan B: Back to the Analog Era > has come out, it appears a little bit alternative, full of noisy and experimental factors, but if you listened to their music carefully, you will find it’s really melodic and has a variety kinds of music elements, especially when they play on lives.

This time, they will be on tour again, and this time it will be much better than before. Please come over and enjoy the wonderful music together with them, you will be pleased!


The host from „Hope English“, CCTV, Richard will also play as a guest band named LowBow.


Tickets online:  (010-58760241-6034)



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  • Tickets: Rmb 50 / 40 (presale)