It’s hard to believe that 5 years have gone by since we released the first batch of LPs: Carsick Cars’s Carsick Cars, Snapline’s The Party Is Over, Pornostar, & Joyside’s Booze At Neptune’s Dawn. Maybe Mars Records began to shake up the Chinese music scene with those three landmark albums, and hasn’t stopped since. In the past five years, we released over 40 albums and gave our young musicians an international platform. They played at most of the world’s celebrated musical festivals, including the United Kingdom ‘s ATP (All Tomorrow’s Parties), Spain’s Primavera Sound music festival, and perhaps the world’s largest festival held annually in Austin, Texas: SXSW (South by South West), among many others…We have also helped them organize multiple large-scale European, North American and Asian tours.  Maybe Mars, in its short life, has promoted some of the most creative young musicians in China, helping them receive global accolades and worldwide acceptance.


During these past five years, we have worked with excellent local producers, such as Fang Wuxing, and Chen Yuli, and also worked with well-respected international producers, such as New York’s Wharton Tiers (producer of many Sonic Youth albums), Chicago’s industrial music giant: Martin Atkins, Los Angeles underground music authority: Manny Nieto, and a long list of other talented collaborators.


China’s new music scene has developed really quickly, even to our own surprise. In five years, our musicians have grown, we have reached new heights together, and we have branched out to include an emphasis on experimental: “Maybe Noise / Zooming nights “, our folk label: “Maybe Horse“, and our little music festival: “Sally can’t dance “(Chinese Experimental Music Festival). We strive to continue serving some of the most creative musicians on the Chinese stage.


“Independent China in Stereo” is the national tour for Maybe Mars’ fifth anniversary. It is not only a showcase of the musical talents we feature and support, but it will also allow us to interact with our fans and friends. We want to know, in five years, how far has our voice been heard. From June onwards, we have played in various cities in the mainland. Many members of Maybe Mars embarked on this trip together to bring you the best music, the best show, and the best experience.


And the whole trip will come to a head on September 1st, Maybe Mars’ 5th Anniversary Beijing show. In the most exciting coming party, we hope to be able to reach out to all of you – with the endless guitar feedback, heated drums, beautiful melodies and touching singing, we look forward to entertain you with our noise!


Life is short, let’s enjoy it together!


Pm 8 // Rmb 80 / 60 (presale)

Tickets available at Yugong Yishan, XP (No. 2 Xilou lane, Di’anmen,15:00-22:00, 010-64069947), and http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=19012360370.

▲Purchase of advance ticket includes a free copy of the limited edition Maybe Mars 5th Anniversary compilation CD


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  • Tickets: Rmb 80 / 60 (presale)