“Turtle Egg Murder take mediocrity to a higher level” Jean Michel-Jarre, Melody Maker 2007.

“If rock and roll is a dying genre then these guys are certainly helping it on its way” Slash, Guitar Magazine 2009.

If you like rock and roll with intricate guitar parts, screaming solos, punchy vocals and someone standing at the front with sunglasses and their hands in their pockets, then this is NOT the band for you. The music goes fast, slow, sometimes loud sometimes quiet, and there is a 100% guarantee of the following songs not being played: Sweet Home Quiche Lorraine, Sunshine of my Orifice, Wonderhole, Take me to the Dry Cleaners etc. In fact all the songs are composed by the band and original, well, original in the sense that they are all ripped off from other songs, but we can’t be too picky. Can we?



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