Friday 13 Jul // 20:30


Rock’n roll makes this world strange and amazing, fused with the romance and fineness of France, Passion and strength of Spain, pureness of old school blues, sharpness of new rock, we instroduce you the hottest international rock party in this summer night! This is a night with language of music and expression, everything starts from The Devil’s Call

Rock Rhino Wangwei

Style:Hard Rock, Blues

Wang Wei, a youth artist, an experienced musician, a cultural messenger between China and France, an ECCU representative in China. Wang was born in Jiangxi Province, raised in Paris, France, a graduate of Altas Music College of France, major in guitar, blues. He has a charmed voice that is deep and sexy. He wrote hundreds of Chinese and English songs during years of his odyssey. Especially the love songs, many can be called classic pieces among them.

The new single “Run straight south” jumps to the top 1 in China Rock Chart.

Spanish Mania

Gabi, Juan, Javier and Diego met in Beijing and they discovered they have common interest about making noise (and Music) to express their inner feelings during their adventure in Beijing . In 2011 they wrote down all the songs that somehow influenced their lifes: many different groups such as Metallica, U2, Heroes del Silencio, White Stripes popped up, and a new project was getting born.

As we are originally from Spain, we try to put passion and spicy flavour in our performance; the result is always a very satisfied audience, big smile and party time assured!


VHR (Visionary Hardsome Rockers)

The visionary hardsome rockers or VHR was formed in late 2011 in Beijing.

VHR plays original songs and challenging music .

VHR plays loud and will rock your place out.

The songs are sang in French, the themes can be very dramatic as well very superficial and casual, following a French and european drama tradition. After studying for years in local music schools where he learned and teached guitar and contemporary popular music, Syl specialized his skills and joined the Guitar Institute of Technology in London in 1998.

As a top skilled musician and guitar player He then has been teaching music in France and Asia for more than a decade and played various gigs for professional bands and artistic oriented projects.

Since the last two years, he has been teaching music in beijing , recording instrumental demos and lately started a long time dream project: VHR

Three friends, three musicians but one aspiration for live music and opening wild new spaces !

Velvet Road

Style: Hard Rock, Post Grouge, Heave Metal

The Velvet Road ,Formed by lead singer Jinhui in 2007.Started formal performance on 2008 .

Since the debut show.The band got lot of attention。Took part in many music festivals such like Midi and Strawberry Festival .The band members all from proffesional music college and have many years of band experience.influence by 80’s music like guns and roses and lot more hard rock bands from america recentlly.In case that in this cold society,velvet road is rebel ,refuse fasion and keep going with origin rock spirit.Improve themself basic on hard rock 。Make the music just belong to Velvet road.

During 2010,Velvet road won the competition called YAMAHA Asia beat .Represent china went to bangkok Match with other 11 bands from each country in Asia and won second place finalist.And also this is first time band from china win a price in this competition since it is started.

Novemver 2010.There was work from Velvet Road put into red bull new energy music plan called <Huangguanzhong & Shen Li Hui Great Hits>which was two great chinese musicians selected great songs from chinese band by themselves,How ever in August 2011.Velvet Road released their debut ep called <on the road> then had a china tour.In the end of 2011,They won a name that “Year of the most great hard rock band on the third Chinese Rock MIDI Award .

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  • Start: 20:30
  • Tickets: Rmb 80 / 60 [presale | Appreciation bonus CD]