Sunday 22 Jul // 21:00


Yoko Yazawa was born in Tokyo, Japan and migrated to LA when she’s 12. While spending her many wonderful time with friends, Yoko developed a strong feeling towards music. She started serious music and singing lesson/training in Japan after finishing high school in USA.

From hardcore punk and rock, Yoko appeals to the audience with her flexible and wide ranging yet stable vocal.

Yoko Yazawa begins her lead singer career in 2010 with the self titled debut album YOKO YAZAWA。She performs a lot in live house venue all over Japan in promoting her music and album.

There are more pop-rock elements in Yoko Yazawa’s second album GIVE ME。Besides composition and production efforts from new generation talents Joe Inoue and Yasuyuku Kojo, the album also include one song from Myspace. There are 10 songs in total in the new album. The full band production in this album features strong pop-rock guitar performances as well as tasteful love ballads. The result is a more comprehensive showcase of Yoko’s singing effort. The famous Central67 is responsible for the artistic direction and graphic/visual design, which brings out the new and ‘pop’ oriented side of Yoko Yazawa. The theme song of the movie COMPASS FOR THE GIRLS, titled COMPASS from May 2011 is also included in this new album.

Finger Family

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