There is always a question in our mind. That is how to judge thousands of choices in this era of information explosion. Wisdoms may wander through their stupendous knowledge to find out a way, but mediocrities can only ask for guide from meteors which are slashing the dark night. Even so, that still is just a superficial answer for this question. Things are being ignored all the time. They are not reachable. They just stay there to peep us and give up the subjectivity to hide themselves. They are sneaking after our shadows, enjoying our success or failure, but we are too small to take a glance of their shapes. What are they? They are Phenomena.

Phenomena are there. They help time to make us get older, but they never let us know. We do eager to know the world, but with time passing by, we are like idots that can not figure out how to find out a way to learn this world. We can use another sense, hearing, to feel phenomena. We find out objects vibrating then record sound via microphones, instruments and audio technologies. So we add many brand new views to observe and comprehend this world. The new record Phenomena, performed by Chinese band Snapline, is one of those new views and is coming soon in this April.

About 3 years ago, Snapline came out interesting questions suddenly, that is “if there was “future eye”, what would it see? Would it see a dirty industrial city, a crowed street, beam from a huge dome, or judge light from ground?” So then they made their second album Future Eyes, produced by Martin Atkins from Public Image Ltd., including 11 songs. But it was not that good as their thought. They felt that the senesce shown in the album was just a out line of questions above. Since then, Snapline decided to slow down their pace to think twice about questions. Finally, another advanced concept came out. It is the concept of phenomena. What ever can a future eye see, it just is one part of phenomena.

So in September, 2011, Snapline reproduced the album by themselves and gave the name Phenomena to it. In the new album, the only thing Snapline wants to do is expressing their songs “loud and clear”. For them, it’s a record of choice and thinking, one thing which is more important to them is keeping all sound pure. Presence, tone, rhythm and frequency are all united in one concept. 3 years preparation gathers all their spirits and makes them more impact. Loop beats are going with some random but serious sound, some times energetically but some times silently. Vibration, sound, recording, phenomena, Snapline mix all these things together with high frequence and low frequence.

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