BRAND NEW YOU’RE RETRO 2012 exploring traditional & folk world music concert series #7

Line-up: Ajinai (MGL) / Matthieu Ha (BE) / L’Enfant Rouge (FR-IT) / Djang San (FR)


AJINAI (MGL) mongolian folk rock music

Ajinai is a Mongolian band whose music incorporates elements of World music and traditional Mongolian folk played on traditional Mongolian and modern instruments. Ajinai is a diverse group with an eclectic selection of songs. Their CD, s and live performances feature an even split of experimental covers of traditional Mongolian folk and their own compositions. They have often been described as one of the best live bands in Beijing. Their heritage is at the very core of Ajinai ‘s philosophy their name Ajinai means fine horse Hujiltu their leader and founder explains Mongolian horse are renowned for their stamina and ability to remain calm even in battle. These were the horses used by the Mongolian King Genghis Khan. These same qualities are what we want in the band not only in our music, but in our lives.

MATTHIEU HA (BE/FR) melancholic free accordion / voice alto-cons

ForMatthieu Ha, it all started in the streets of Brussels, with a meeting betweenthe European capital and its music. He has written for theater, films andparticipated in several residencies all over Europe. He performed at the CentrePompidou (Paris) for the retrospective Boris Lehman exhibit and has performedfor Prince Philip and Princess Mathilde of Belgium. It is impossible to remainindifferent to his world of voice alto-cons and the melancholic melodies of hisaccordion. In December 2010 he organized the BANGK (zero) K, pop utopia festival, inthe Thai capital. The festival was a part of his larger project:”Desoriental”. Every performance is unique.

L’ENFANT ROUGE (FR/IT) avant-rock/after-world music

Independent and self-managed project. Based in between Reykjavik and Tunis. Since the 80’s, FRANCOIS CAMBUZAT performed almost 3700 concerts – from Vilnius to Tbilissi, from Swinoujscie to Sevilla as from Paris to San Francisco, in international festivals, theaters and clubs in Europe, North Africa and USA as well as in refugees camps during the war in ex-Yougoslavia. Electricity. Blue lights. Still uncontrolled. 9 albums released in French, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, German and English. Avant-Rock. After-World music. Without boundaries, neither musical nor geographical. The European press talks about him as crossroads between introversion and acceleration, between cerebralism and wildness or barbarity. Unpredictable. Upcoming album (2013): already recorded in summer 2011 in Italy and Revolutionary Tunisia with Lotfi Bouchnak – the greatest singer and oud player from the Arab scene.

DJANG SAN (FR/CN) romantic electro folk

In the year 2000, when he came for the first time to China, Zhang Si’an (Jean-Sébastien Héry aka Djang San) wrote his first Chinese song. Many records of different styles, fully or partly in Chinese, will follow. In 2010 he wins the Global Battle of the Bands in China and Hong Kong with his rock band “The Amazing Insurance Salesmen”. Now, He is launching a new path to his career, with more electronic.

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