Saturday 05 May // 21:00

SHING02 & DJ A-1


Born in Tokyo, raised in Tanzania and England, Shing02 came up in the independent SF Bay Area scene in the early ’90s. Over the course of his independent career starting in 1995, he has made the transition from sample-based music to live performances with a full band incorporating traditional instruments, while remaining true to his hip hop roots. He is set to release first English album “ASDR” with Brooklyn-based band Chimp Beams. On the 2012 tour, he’ll return to a familiar 1MC + 1DJ format with a special tribute set to the late producer Nujabes.

notable performances:

Pavarotti Music Centre. Mostar, Bosnia (’00)

Fuji Rock Festival, Japan (’00, ’02, ’08)

Rising Sun Rock Festsival in Ezo, Japan (’02, 06, ’08)

Fondation Cartier Pour L’art Contemporain. Paris, France (’02)

Tokyo Style in Stockholm / Gothenberg, Sweden with DJ A-1 (’04)

Kosmic Renaissance Japan Tour (’04, ’05) (Jazz trio, as inventor of Vestax Faderboard)

Geshi Festival, Japan (’05, ’08)

M.I.A. Japan Tour opening act with DJ A-1 (’06)

Festa de Rama. Hiroshima, Japan (’08)

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DJ A-1

Ever since emerging as the founding director of DJ crew”Spin Scaanlous” fromSan Franciscoin 2002, DJ A-1 has actively showcased his talents through DJ performances, popular mix CD series, remixes, and soundtrack works. He is also known as the live DJ for Japanese MC Shing02, and the duo have rocked numerous clubs and festivals worldwide. His signature style features ambidextrous scratching and mesmerizing doubles using Serato Scratch Live. He often mega-mixes a medley of producers, which is instantly recognizable. DJ A-1’s eclectic taste in music, coupled with unrivaled originality, always find a home in hip hop, where it all started for the self-proclaimed “one and only” representing Osaka, Japan.

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  • Start: 21:00
  • Tickets: Rmb 150 (door) / 120 (presale) / 100 (early bird)