Friday 13 Apr // 21:30




Winner of the 2010 Global Battle of the Bands in China (GBOB), “The Amazing Insurance Salesmen” are finally back to rock the stage again !


After a bit more than two years of existence, the band has already played in front of thousands of people at festivals and venues in Beijing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur etc…


In 2010, the band published their first EP “Escape” for sale here:


This international band was formed by French musician Jean-Sébastien Héry (Zhang Si’an, Djang San, JSB), with bass player Maikel from Holland drummer Mao Mao from China. The band formed in the summer of 2009, when Jean-Sébastien Héry was looking for a way to go back to rock music after ten years of playing folk music, Chinese culture inspired folk songs and Jazz. He asked two of the best musicians in Beijing to join him in a journey to create a new experimental rock sound.


Wu & The Side-Effects

Some call it Psychedelic, some Acid, some Crossover – in any case, one of Beijing’s most energetic and exceptional live acts.

Ningxia songwriter and (guitar) hero Wu Kejia (fmr. Easygoing) teamed up with Checo Fernandez (Chocho Maldito, Mr. Mojo) and Mo Mang (can balance a spoon on his nose) to bring some serious rock music to Beijing’s live venues. As one of the regulars at 2Kolegas and frequently rocking D22 as well as Mao, Wu & the Side Effects are definitely adding some new spice to the local music scene.


Dwaas is a quartet of journeyman Beijing musicians founded by Joewi Verhoeven of ‘Arrows Made of Desire’. Sonically, the quartet stands apart from standard rock-circuit fare with its intricate dual guitar dual vocal interplay. The musical experience of the group as a whole shines through in their ability to gracefully shift between styles and moods, from lighthearted to brooding, from rambunctious grooves to meditative and hypnotic textures.


With a sound that combines blues, punk, stoner and good ol’ hard rock, Devils at the Crossroad plays balls to the wall, pure energy rock’n’roll music ! The three musicians coming from France and Brazil give to the band’s compositions a very singular touch. With a guitarist/singer (ex Dropkicks from Shanghai) influenced by old blues and punk-rock, a bass player shaped by old-school hard rock, and a drummer (ex Last Chance of Youth and AK-47) who has heavy metal in its DNA, they create the perfect cocktail for ROCK….


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  • Start: 21:30
  • Tickets: Rmb 60 / 40 (presale)