Saturday 03 Dec // 21:00

Supportband: X is Y

Boys Climbing Ropes are one of China’s best indie rock bands.


-They have played the main stage at several large festivals including Midi,Strawberry Modern Sky, and the World Expo Shanghai.


-They have played along with countless international bands touring China.



Pixies, Modest Mouse, Pavement, Sonic Youth, Neil Young.



HandsomeFurs, Toe, Young Knives, Antidote, B6, DOA, PK14, Pet Conspiracy,

Hedgehog,You Say Party! We Say Die!, Second Hand Rose, Proximity Butterfly,Wang Wen, HuaLun, Booji, Casino Demon, SUBS, and many more….


Boys Climbing Ropes Bio:

Boys Climbing Ropes is three Canadian guys and one Chinese girl playing indierock. Based in Shanghai, over their four year run, Boys Climbing Ropeshas had the opportunity to play all over China and along side some of thiscountry’s best bands. On the heels of their latest EP release,”Except forthe Darkness” Boys Climbing Ropes played a China tour. They’ve alsoplayed the main stage at Midi Shanghai, Expo Shanghai, and StrawberryBeijing.





Vocals/Keys:Pei Huang

Vocals/Guitar/Keys:Jordan Small

Bass:Morgan Short

Drums:Devin Gallery



“APleasure to Be Here” EP (2008)

“Exceptfor the Darkness” EP (2010)

“Summerand Winter Warfare” EP (Nov.2011) – new release on Pause Music Records

  • Start: 21:00
  • Tickets: Rmb 50 / 30 (presale)
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