Tuesday 11 Oct // 18:30

Beijing International (Independent) Movie Festival 2011 – 国际电影交流大会

My Blind Uncle – 阿輝的女兒 (101 min)

Vicky’s (6yrs old girl) mom needs to leave. She got to live with her blind uncle A-Hui. Even though A-Hui cannot see, he is very optimistic and sporty. A-Hui tries his best to take care of Vicky and shows her his diverse capabilities including baseball, diving, roller skating, Judo, piano and so on. Vicky finally overcomes the sadness of her parents’ absence. But she finds out a secret of A-Hui that he really has a daughter who he’s never met. Vicky decides to find her uncle’s daughter. Can she do it? Performed by real blind people, without any stunt doubles.

Lake Without Words (8 min)

Two young lovers are deeply in love. Father gets a grueling surprise. Father is disappointed at his son, for he wants him to marry the traditional way. He casts his feelings away without words. Digs deep down in to the cultural fear in marriage and the mixing of cultures. A lot of Koreans want marriage to be with the same blood. In this story we touch on the inner thoughts of how one relinquishes his feelings to a new way of thought.

Neutral Territory (76 min)

Henry gets more than he bargains for when he decides he wants to sell his father’s ranch to prevent himself from going bankrupt.When Henry reaches the ranch with his new finance, Heidi, Henry isn’t exactly welcomed home with open arms by his traditional Swiss father, Werni, or his childhood sweetheart, Rebecca, who he left in the lurch many years ago.

  • Start: 18:30
  • Tickets: Rmb 20