Monday 10 Oct // 18:30

Beijing International (Independent) Movie Festival 2011 – 国际电影交流大会

I M 24 (108 min)

Shubendu Roy, 42, a struggling writer, is trying to make a career as a film writer. The small town man is a completely misfit in a fast paced and impersonal city like Mumbai. He is utterly frustrated and angry. His life changes when he lies to a young girl, Kanak, on an Internet-chat site that he is a famous and successful writer, only 24 years old! Frustration and anger give way to love and hope. Life becomes a beautiful fairy tale for him, till one day when Kanak decides to visit Mumbai and meet Him! Shubendu now cannot escape the moment of truth.

Mutantland (3 min)

As the sun goes down in the dark and terrifying place that is MutantLand, the creatures roaming this world are on the ultimate search for food. But all is not what it seems in this thriller by Phil Tippett where danger lurks around every corner.

Nika (86 min)

Nika, 21, was kidnapped and sold into the global sex-trade as many Ukrainian girls often are. Ivan, married to Natasha and father to 12 year-old Anastasia lost a large sum of money in a card game and now owes Franco, a terrifying mob boss from the Zaprozha crime family. Franco also happens to be the man who sold Nika into slavery.

  • Start: 18:30
  • Tickets: Rmb 20