Because of personal reasons, Jeans Team must postpone their China tour and can no longer perform on 9/30 at YGYS. The evening will still feature Nova Heart, also adding to the bill Mr. Graceless and Wanderlust, to be a showcase China’s most promising new acts.

Nova Heart puts together the music one of Beijing’s most talented showwomen Helen Feng (Pet Conspiracy, Free the Birds)  with the flawless production of Italian producer Rodion.  Their sound is a blend of Gothic New Wave, Italo Disco, and Psychellic Rock, as if the Robert Plant of the Cure was zapped back in time to the 70’s given a large amount of LSD, and told to DJ to a troop of beautiful naked ghosts.  On stage with the talents of Bo Xuan (Hedgehog, Dancers) and Wang Zong Can (Free the Birds), the show promises to sound gorgeous, look like an explosion of glass, and feel like drugs.  Supporting acts include 6th Generation Rockers Mr. Graceless bringing a fresh interpretation of Beijing Rock to the stage, and hot new electronic newcomers Wanderlust.  DJ Metro Tokyo from FMM will also play before and after the show.

Mr. Graceless started in 2009 when three good friends begin writting songs in a humid basement at Beijing’s University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. They wrote down the tracks for their respective musical instruments and used a basic laptop to record every part of their improvisations and rehearsals.  After signing with Maybe Mars, Mr.Graceless soon joined and matched the likes of other local hereos like Carsick Cars, P.K.14 and The Gar.  Off the release of their successful 2010 album, Mr. Graceless has become one of hottest new names and a core member of the 6th Generation of Beijing Rockers.

Wanderlust: About to release their first album with Modernsky, they represent a generation of new young electronic producers breathing life into the Beijing electro scene.

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  • Tickets: Rmb 60 / 50 (presale / student)