[Ken Stringfellow]

Ken Stringfellow–musician, songwriter, producer, arranger–has been part of the indie landscape since the debut of his acclaimed band The Posies in 1988. The Posies have released brilliant, successful albums such as 1993’s legendary “Frosting on the Beater”. The band is still active today, having released their seventh album, “Blood/Candy” in 2010…an album heaped with critical praise in the UK press, Ken was also part of rock legends Big Star, one of the cornerstones of indie rock. Ken also spent ten years on the road and in studio with R.E.M., appearing on two albums (2001’s “Reveal” and 2004’s “Around the Sun”).

The list of collaborations goes on: Neil Young, Patti Smith, Mudhoney, Death Cab For Cutie…

Then there’s his solo work. A scant three albums over the last two decades (1997’s “This Sounds Like Goodbye”, 2001’s “Touched”, and 2004’s “Soft Commands”). His shows are legendary, pushing minimalism to its core definition. Ken’s voice soars, cries, leaps from barely audible to room-filling anguish, joy, sorrow and humor.


[Sonja van Hamel]

Sonja van Hamel: singer, songwriter, illustrator, designer. Sonja’s current musical presentation is a concept she calls “Draw Clips” are her drawings illustrating her songs, that move and travel in time with the music, technically created by renowned photographer Eddo Hartmann. The result is a real time, live video accompanying Sonja’s live performance.

Sonja formed the group Bauer ( in 1999 with musician Berend Dubbe (Bettie Serveert).

Sonja’s first solo project was “Winterland”, composed as the soundtrack for a film, and released as an album in 2009. She is recording her new album currently with producers Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, R.E.M., Big Star) and JB Meijers (De Dijk, Solomon Burke).

She will be accompanied by Stringfellow and cellist Annie Tangberg, with Draw Clips visuals operated and filmed live by Hartmann.

You can see more of Sonja’s art and performances at


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