In line with the May release of the new album “The Reprieve” Proximity Butterfly ushers in their first national tour of 2011, Pillars of Creation, exhausting the vents of winter’s accumulation of energy. Brace yourself for the “Pillars of Creation”.

Joining the band this time around is the spectacular benchmark of China’s independent music labels – Maybe Mars (www.maybemars.com). Things are stirring up and the label’s Chengdu representatives are poising to lay down a hand unlike many seen in China’s nebula of musical viscocity. There are many secrets held close to this album for the music of these multi-legged creatures has evolved into more radical blood; the addition of new (returning) guitarist Robert Tanner. After recording on three previous albums, he has made his way back into the line-up with an undoubtable cohesion in Belief and cataclysmic crash, taunting the escalation of this new album’s gorgeous musical sparks; the sun again is spreading the wings of life, religion, and perseverance, along with the articulate integration of this new album after an absence of three years.

With the Pillars of Creation, fans will have the opportunity to hear the inner creekings of the new special self-produced album, drawing from the band’s personal encounters with the Sichuan Earthquake 3 years ago. Drummer, WangYong, whose family was hit hard by the quake, releases that thunder which calls out to those forever lost. The Reprieve, evolving from an emotional landing of stories and dreams that left shadows in corners of rooms and watering eyes across the faces of hundreds of thousands of families, our friends and others touched by the devestation that reshaped Chengdu’s community, “5.12” rings and rattles throughout this album, emotively steering the Butterfly’s ethereal sound of the soul in rotation. There are radical cinemagraphic bleedings throughout each of the twelve tracks while warmly welcoming you all into the psychedelic imaginitive swirl of the unmistakable sound of “Proximity Butterfly”.


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  • Tickets: Rmb 60 / 40 (presale)