CURRY & COCO [France]
Guests: Rebuilding The Right Of Statues

C&C, Thomas Pliem and Sylvain Przybylski, began playing together in 2006 in their hometown of Lille in Northern France. Close friends from early childhood, they acquired their joint nickname, Curry and Coco, from a Thai au pair who looked after them both.

The pair fell in love with the sounds of Devo, The Human League, the first Joy Division Album, hearing truth that they found lacking in what they call the processed perfection in modern music. C&C stay away from that with a staunch stance against sampling, sequencers and backing tapes. Sticking to strictly analog, their shows become what critics and fans call riotous.

This year C&C have released their debut album, We Are Beauty. As one critic put it, “every one of the tracks on We Are Beauty sounds like a potential hit – and a vital antidote to the formulaic pop-by-numbers that now clogs the charts and the airwaves.” “We have international ambitions,”says Przybylski. “It may sound proud to say but we are here to do great things. We Are Beauty means that we want to make people gather together for a great experience.”

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