Friday 14 Jan // 21:00

P.K.14 + Carsick Cars+ Mr. Graceless

Collective Appearance Of Three Generations Bands From Maybe Mars

Youth is a low roar, a contradictory struggle. It is a burning meteor in the sky.

Youth is a free bird, the desire to love, perplexed laughter.

When the three Maybe Mars bands, which respectively represent the three generations of new Chinese rock, meet – no matter how much retrospection, pondering or expectation – there’s always going to be raw emotions and you will want to belong. Quiet breath, or unbridled sounds. P.K.14, Carsick Cars and Mr. Graceless, three different expressions of youth, will blast out at the same time. This exciting musical thunder will certainly break the darkness of winter nights!

Revered and highly-influential band P.K.14, after a half-year hiatus, will appear on stage again. Newly reformed Carsick Cars will strike again after their breathtaking premiere. “You Can Listen You Can Talk” as before. And the accompanying band will be Mr.Graceless, who have been turning heads and playing to larger crowds of fans for almost a year now. This young band knocks on people’s hearts by virtue of their sophisticated and fresh sound. As one of the Generation 6 bands, their warm melodies and pure singing speak to the doubts and melancholy of youth. Each of their shows is a tribute song to youth and to love.

Maybe Mars’ most distinguished and respected bands, along with the promising young band are going to present a fantastic show for you filled with passion, courage and love. Don’t miss this one!

  • Start: 21:00
  • Tickets: Rmb 100/70 (presale)