“Poem Your Youth”, the new album by Maizi and the band Wei

It takes 10 years to forge a sword

Supported by Lin Mo.

Maizi is something of a legend in the rock community in China. With the release of his first album “Water” with the band Wei in 2000 Maizi left his mark on the rock world. Then like swordsmen of yore, slipped away into the shadows. Over the ten years that followed he worked on a variety of artistic pursuits including the biographical novels “Mazi the Wanderer” and “The Philosophy of Wei” and  appearances in the films “Worthless” and “The World”. Maizi  is also a prolific poet and has dabbled in drawing and performance art.  His new album was recorded and produced with support from Tree Music.

“Poem Your Youth” falls neatly between folk rock and rock and roll, and pieces together Maizi’s poetic sense with his musical creations.

Folk songstress Lin Mo is supporting the show, with songs from her recent album “Elope”.

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  • Tickets: Rmb 50