Thursday 23 Dec // 0:30

Electronic Eve

On Dec 23, join Yugong Yishan for “the eve of the Christmas eve” with Chinese electronic musicians and their music, visuals, and film!

Preview of Dead J’s debut documentary <Date> will be hold in Yugong Yishan, in which he interviewed 8 German electronic musicians during his visit in Berlin – Monolake, Manuel Göttsching, Thomas Fehlmann, Jan Jelinek, Pole, Porn Sword Tobacco, Thaddi Herrmann, Christopher Bauder.

Dead J and his visual partner Wang Meng will also join together for a brand new live show, with their up-to-dated music and visual works, which are not yet published or performed anywhere.

And finally, electronic music artist Terry Tu and uprising media artist Yang 2 will present a special sound and visual set, as their Christmas gift to the city Beijing. If you have seen and loved their warm-up for alva noto last year in Yugong Yishan, you have to see this new one.

(Goethe-Institut’s event planned for the night is cancelled due to its own reason.)


| Documentary Preview <Date>



| Stay indulgent in Music w/ Dead J + Terry Tu



Dead J (Live Set)                        | 王萌 (Visual Set)

Terry Tu (Intelligent DJ Set)             | Yang 2 (Intelligent Visual Set)

Special Thanks: Yugong Yishan Club, Beijing Luhe Hengtong Technology Ltd.

  • Start: 0:30
  • Tickets: FREE ENTRY