Friday 01 Oct // 21:00


FakeLoveMusic Presents:

MADE IN BERLIN …the Take Over China version… feat.

After JAHCOOZI, PITCHTUNER, PACO MENDOZA & JEANS TEAM FakeLoveMusic brings you another band from Old Europes coolest capital.

This time it´s PUPPETMASTAZ, the world´s first GangstaHipHop Puppets. Being notorious for being notorious, these cute “cuzzlers” have a heart for the obscure. Kicking ass like other rappers promoters, those guys are dangerously funny, but generally pacifistic. After breaking up in beginning of 2010 just to team up with some humans to perform their selfwritten ” Frankenstein’s Little Red Riding Hood”!! @ Volksbühne, one of Berlin´s finest theatres, now they reunite for a China tour that brings them to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and  Hong Kong (dates below).

The gang around head puppet Mr. Maloke, is also rumoured to join a puppet gang in China and start something called THE PUPPET CONSPIRACY. But spinning rumours, as rumours go, is something those guys are apparently very good at, which leads us to even more rumours: Helen Feng of FREE THE BIRDS fame & Philipp Grefer aka METRO TOKYO (and somehow related to some Fake stuff), are scheduling a massive P.E.A.C.E. supershow (Puppets Enter A Century of Exile) in honour of nearly 2012  years after the take over of a certain Puppet Emperor. Next to Bob Dylan, Daft Punk, Jimmy Page and Lady Gaga the headliner will be a certain…..

Well, you might or might not find out  during a massive night of  Puppet Mayhem with Mr. Maloke, Wizard the Lizard, Snuggles the Bunny, Panic the Pig, Ryno  & some Human Touch from special guests.

with support from:

Initiative Musik & “balancity” – the German Pavilion

  • Start: 21:00
  • Tickets: Rmb 80 / 60 (presale)