Special Guest: LIman

Sexy sweet Bunny Holiday titalizes with babydoll lyrics that tickle over the playfully pop electro-dance of Pop Levi.

Pop Levi’s music comes from a solid rock and roll base with layers of sound, ripping guitars, electro-dance beats, driving bass, swirling keyboards, its all there. Is there any kind of sound he can’t make? It looks like that’s a negative. His 2007 album The Return To Form Black Magick Party has it all in there and more.

Canadian-born, LA-based kid-rapper Bunny Holiday is firing the hottest vintage hip-hop sounds into the future with her cutting-edge electro-dance tracks.

This unbeatable pair have been creating the music and videos for the much-anticipated and soon to be released ‘Tender Young Flesh’ Video EP.

Come feel the heat.

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