Garhas a brand new line up, and will hold a special performance at Yugongyishan on November 6, 2010. In addition to performing songs off their debut album, they will also showcase 6 brand new compositions.

For Gar, these new songs are a culmination of life through snow fall and brown leaves, from winter harshness to autumn’s fruition; where confidence and courageous stubbornness consumed their very being, to come out stronger th……an ever, decidedly opening new valleys on the once tranquil green field. The knives that cut through this vast greenness had left an infectious mark in the valley floor, staining everything with a deep red hue. The brand new Gar has made room for these two colors, sowing seeds of youth and life. The only choice is to grow.

The joy of creation is challenge, just like the joy in life is change. Gar’s new sense of pride onstage derives from a deeper understanding of music and a renewed self-consciousness. Just as how the season changes, the introspection of the most subtle inner self is the path of a wise man. Every note sang is colored, giving the howl a true definition of soul.

Gar has changed, yet they remain familiar; it is because their heart is forever growing, and within each song you can always find yourself and the whole world. On the night before winter starts, the desire of rebirth deep within everyone will be ignited.

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Tel: 010-6404 2711

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  • Tickets: rmb60/50(presale)
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