ZENZILE (France)

Chinese public has already discovered the heavy weights of French reggae dub Hightone who performed several times the last years. Now it is the time for their Angers based acolytes, Zenzile, to land in the middle kingdom with their rock infused dub.

No one knows what will resemble a new album of Zenzile before it gets out (so far they have eight albums under their belt). Instead of cloning their music precisely year after year, the quintet has always chosen to focus on their trade mark sound which is rich and various, thanks to a dazzling bass and whooping guitars. From the start, Zenzile is having fun mixing the same influences (post punk, Dub,folk,soft rock,soul jazz) with a savvy sense of measuring them all out, in order to produce a unique album every time.

Today Zenzile seems to have found the right balance between staying simple while being demanding. Strings and organs are more present than ever to form melodies never dared before. Evidently freed from any past inhibitions, the band now sweats out many old legendary Vinyl albums, reminiscent of their teen age years…

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