INCH CHUA(Singapore)

Ming’s Pretty Heroes is the Dutch band around half Chinese and quarter Dutch singer and songwriter Ai Ming Oei.

With a band hungry for challenging sounds and arrangements, don’t expect the typical singer/songwriter vibe. It all comes to life with the use of creative synthesizers, heavy drums and an actual omnichord.

In 2010 Ming’s Pretty Heroes will be touring in both Germany and Beijing. If you get the chance, make sure you attend a show and get to experience the band’s unique sound.

Audio’s Pain,The sound is clearly British, leaving halfway between Rock and Pop; result of this mention is his previous record “Sexy Shapes” (2006), in which it is worth noting “Sunshine & Soulrises” as a single Pop, or “Crash” as a single Rock.

As far as awards are concerned, several contests are also include in their pockets, as: Hellrock 2003, Onda Nave 2004, CreaJoven 2003 and 2005, MurciaJoven 2005, Yamaha X-band 2007, BudCoyote’08.

They have played in festivals such as: Lemmom Pop, Popmission, Let’s Festival.

AUDIO is about to be listened.

Caracal,Singapore’s very own home-grown musical talent was formed in December 2005 and comprise five charming and artistic musicians. The band includes KC (vocals), Henry (bass), Field (guitar), Gabriel (guitar) and Martin (drums). Field and Martin have been childhood friends since primary school and met the remaining band members in secondary school.

Starting out as casual music for the masses, Caracal has evolved, matured and harnests a unique sound, with the advent of their popular track “When Open Inverted Commas Close”. Sharing an incalculable amount of passion and love for music, Caracal is driven by the desire to impart a positive impact on their fans. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, both good and bad, Caracal illustrates the boundaries of human emotion through their music. The band describes their music as a good mix of indie rock with emotive lyrics. Caracal is known for their innovative style that is constantly evolving. Their music is packaged with explosions of guitars and intensely personal lyrics, whilst retaining the basis of good rock and roll music.

Caracal has achieved significant popularity since forming in 2005, with various performances under their sleeve. In May 2007, Caracal was invited to and performed at Singapore’s music festival, Baybeats 2007. They have also performed at several charity events in 2008, including the Step Up for Down Charity Concert at Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre.

Caracal plans to release their debut album in May 2010, let’s look forward to it!

Inch Chua,You might know her from the popular upbeat alternative rock act Allura. Frontwoman Inch Chua steps out on her own to share a different beat.
Inspired by singer-songwriters such as Fiona Apple, Roisin Murphy and Shiina Ringo and electronic acts like Aphex Twin and The Postal Service, Inch’s solo project is a clear departure from the boisterous rock singer she is known for. The material is a schizophrenic potpourri of introspective acoustic tunes and chirpy electronica. What remain unmistakable are the pint-sized singer’s trademark powerhouse vocals.
So expect her to play some arpeggios on her acoustic guitar before hopping onto laying down some looped instrumentations to create live electronic music. Not saying it’s a pure one-woman show, Inch invites the listeners to trigger off samples and be part of the creative process, incorporating audience participation into her set.
Being the first Singapore female singer-songwriter to be invited to the prestigious South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival, this undoubtedly is Inch’s biggest platform to perform to date. She will be performing a few dates in the United States during March.

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