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It was seven years ago that Funeral For A Friend began to play music based on simple principals: to write songs that connected, songs about their lives, the lives of those around, and to enjoy themselves as they went.

In those seven years, quietly, they have chalked up some amazing statistics: the band have sold considerably more than a million records; all four of their albums have gone into the UK Top 20; they have three Gold records; have graced countless magazine covers, been the subject of broadsheet profiles and tabloid features; their tours sell out the nation’s larger venues in a matter of minutes; worldwide – from America to Russia, Singapore to Australia, Japan and beyond – they have a following more loyal than bands considered their equal.

And still, somehow, they’re the same South Wales boys who, in 2002, started this band with a desire to do something honest. But as new album ‘Your History Is Mine: 2002-2009’ attests, it’s been quite a journey.

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