Hailing from London, Ebony Bones is a singer-songwriter, a record producer, a fashionista and more than anything else, a star. It’s as simple as that, or it can be more complex if you’d prefer. If you want to look closer, you’ll see that this south Londoner is very much a artist of our times; a self-taught bedroom musician who was among the first to share her songs over the internet, and who’s polymorphous sound reflects the pick’s mix approach to genres the kids growing up in iTunes World have.

But really, whether you label her as the New DIY Superstar, a Kate Bush for the iPod Generation, or simply the Next Big Thing, it all amounts to the same thing: she’s a ruddy star.

Last year she was one of the revelations of the South by Southwest Music Conference in Austin, Texas.This time she gave a performance that demonstrated that there was substance behind the exotic surface. With the multi-genre melting-pot polyrhythms and dance-punk aggression of songs like “Warrior” and “We Know All About U,” the singer harkened back to the aggressively proto-feminist dance music of Grace Jones and X Ray Spex.

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