Globe trotter, Dj Producer and A&R on NO FRIDGE, his Parisian indie label specialized in jazz & world music with electro inflexions, Click delivers an exciting remix of the sprouting and contagious sounds: Eastern Europe and Dj culture meet with a surprising and unorthodox result. Either alone on stage, mixing world beats: Balkan, Oriental, Flamenco, Klezmer, Gyspy or Indian with electronic sounds, Theremin, beat box and scratches. Or together in his live band with Gypsy Maestro Tziganiada from Romania, at the violin, saxophone and flute, joined by the fantastic Klezmer clarinet player Merlin Shepherd, escorted by the 2 delightful oriental, balkanic and gypsy dancers Safi and Amal, and the enchanting voice of Valentina Casula at the mic, a beautiful and tasted postcard for your ears and your eyes to defend the message “Flavour” out of his latest album. Seven artists are gathered on stage, no less than four cultures for an innovating festive party without geographical and music borders. Imagine Gypsys playing Drum’n Bass and Dub, the folk dances discovering the stroboscopes and the sub basses… A patchwork of blended and forerunners talents! Dj ClicK, as a sound enquirer, exploring the boundaries of live sampling artists, cultures, melodies and the countries he wishes to combine…

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  • Tickets: Rmb 50