Thousands of balloons, lasers, nudity, electro, punk, sex, disco balls, & a small snowstorm all appeared at the last Pet Conspiracy show stage.  Nearly 1000 bodies squeezed together in the capacity crowd at YGYS on January 15th to experience the stunning performance of just one band.  What they saw was something never before seen in Beijing and will never be repeated again.  After two successful tours of Europe and their first album planned directly for a European release Autumn 2010, Pet Conspiracy is hailed as China’s best hope to break into the international music scene with a roar.  But at home in Beijing, they put on one of the most extravagant, one of the most chaotic, and one of the most delicious shows that has ever been conceived or performed in the China.  Each time, a massive production of flesh, sweat, lights, music, and revelry that is only shown once before being destroyed again, the world of Pet is the world of another planet.  Come to YGYS March 26th to enjoy another installment of their marvelous apocalypse.

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  • Tickets: Rmb 80 / 60 (in advance)