· A wonderful atmosphere…minimalist well done – New York Times
· Ambient Zen Americana  – Mojo Magazine 
· Spiritual folk of the most affecting variety – Stylus
· a remarkably haunting, heartfelt folk-pop sound, mixing ambient textures with skilful instrumental interplay  – Eye Weekly 
· starkly evocative and melodically melancholic…simple, yet stirring” – Paste Magazine
· All Music : 4 stars . Pitchfolk : 7.2/10
When Great Lake Swimmers’ Tony Dekker wrote the song “Everything is Moving So Fast,” he couldn’t have predicted that it would foreshadow the rapid success of the Toronto band’s fourth album, LOST CHANNELS. For a project that has seen a slow upward trajectory since its humble beginnings in 2001, the Great Lake Swimmers are suddenly getting exponentially more attention across North America and Europe, entrancing newcomers to the band with Dekker’s unforgettable voice and compelling songwriting. Over time, the band has evolved from a sparse, delicate and hushed unit into a well-rounded folk rock band, sacrificing none of their original intimacy while upping both the volume and tempos when necessary.

 Dekker chooses to record in old churches, community halls, abandoned grain silos and rural locations. It’s easy to hear why. His voice doesn’t need any studio embellishment, standing at its strongest when bathed in natural reverb and enriched by the historical context surrounding it.
Beijing based net-label MicroMu ( will be releasing the Legion Sessions album for free download through their site in mid-December.
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