Sunday 03 Jan // 19:00


Artists: No.223, A Qing, Gao Yuan, Jiancui, Li Guiming, Luo Hao, Yang Dawei, Zhan Pan, Zhang Chi

Bands: Rustic,Snapline, Golden Driver, Maryinn, Over The Water, DJ Angry Master

Debut show of Over The Water

Maryinn is coming back at Yugong Yishan again. The opening gig and party of the photography show OnE Moment’s Hero will be held at Jan 3, 2010. Photos from rockers as Zhan Pan(the Gar), Fashion designer as Zhang Chi and other talented young photographers.  Works are on sale under RMB 400 each. Besides renowned bands as Rustic and Snapline, it will also be the debut show of band Over The Water. Li Bo, a cutting-edge artist is the frontmen of that band, other members from ZI YUE, ZUO YOU…..

 (Admission: RMB 50, incl free beer or ARRTCO@MARYINN bag or GREEN art fair badge,  all are limited)

tickets online:

  • Start: 19:00
  • Tickets: Rmb 50 (limited free beers & gift)