THE ROOF (Italy)

“The Roof” born in Rome in 1999. In the beginning, after a mystic journey in Jamaica, the name chosen for the group was “The Roof Ambassadors”, as homage to “The Roof” disco in Port’Antonio, where dancehall was king. In the autumn of 1999 the group started the first sessions in studio, between 2000 and 2002, they played live across Italy, including, at the Italian “Rototom  Sunsplash” (2000 and 2001 edition). In 2003 the collaboration with the label ALTIPIANI leads to their first EP entitled “The Roof Ambassadors”, which has been played loud in Italian radios. In 2004 they promoted the Ep all across the country, opening for great artists like Burning Spear and Selecter. But, you know, experience teachs wisdom… So the official debut happens in June 2004 with  their first Lp called ”Sottoeffetto” produced by Altipiani and distributed by Manifesto CD . On this album “The Roof” and Altipiani have worked with many friends such as Ghetto Priest (voice with Asian Dub Foundation, Sinead O’Connor, Blur); the  legendary dubmaster Adrian Sherwood (DubSyndacate, Bim Sherman, Junior Delgado); the “guitar hero” Scott Henderson (Joe Zawinul, Chick Corea, Jean luc Ponty). After their Italian tour, in the 2005, “The Roof came back in studio for their second album. “Shakemundoshake”, produced by The Roof/Altipiani will be release at the beginning of 2010, and represents the new  “world” style of the Italian band.

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