Friday 11 Dec // 20:00

ASHRAM(Italy) CHINA TOUR 2009 – Beijing

Ashram is comprised of Luigi Rubino on piano, Alfredo Notarloberti on violin and the occassional-acoustic-guitar playing vocalist Sergio Panarella. Together they deliver a neo-classical sound that is at once both beautiful and somber, shadowed and glimmering.
The embryo of the band was formed in June ‘97 when Sergio Panarella and Luigi Rubino first started collecting ideas for the project that would later be known as Ashram. While undergoing the writing process of their first ever release, the duo invited Alfredo Notarloberti, the notorious napolitan violinist, to take their side in this ambitious project. With the line-up complete, the band recorded eleven songs out of which seven were selected and included on the demo “For My Sun”, self-released in May’99. The remarkable energy and empathy between these musicians granted them an appearance as the opening track on Energeia’s compilation &147;Intimations of Immortality Vol. 5&148; with the song “Spirit of the Rising Moon”, and drew some media attention to this emmerging band. Shortly after, Ashram signs with the French label Prikosnovenie.In 2001, the line-up is expanded as Leonardo Massa joins the group ..o, thus completing the ensemble that would participate in the recording of the critically acclaimed debut self-titled album released in the following year. This new release was followed by intense live activity, as the band performed innumerous shows in Italy and even a couple of tours in Portugal.After a period of reflexion, Ashram are now presenting their second full-length recording, under the title “Shining Silver Skies”, and out via Equilibrium Music in May 2006.

  • Start: 20:00
  • Tickets: Rmb200/150 (presale – 200 tickets limited)
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