Antidote presents, for the first time in China…

Sssighborggg [live band from Korea] + Slick 50 [producer / DJ from UK] + Sulumi [Beijing] , DJ Ozone, and Special Secret Guests!

About Sighborg…

Currently based out of Seoul, South Korea. Sighborg (often spelled with added letters- e.g. sssighborgg siiighborg etc) is the project of Sean Maylone and other collaborators from bands such as Crime in Choir, What’s Up?, Minnows, Every-body , Bruce Light Tone, Stereoprimer. All songs mix electronics with live instruments (live drums, guitar, keyboards), with 8-bit chiptune and math rock influences. Imagine the delicate melodies of early Aphex Twin mixed with the broken-groove post rock of Battles and Ratatat. Just in case that’s not enough of a head trip, they dress like Star Wars’ Sand People consumed by pond scum. Totally weird and totally awesome!

Slick 50…

Slick 50, coming at you fresh off the success of his Ear Pump night in Sydney, embarks on his first ever China tour this October, 2009. Slick has been trotting the globe for the last 10 years, playing alongside luminaries the Freestylers, Leftfield, Pressure Drop, Krafty Kuts, Mr. C and the late, great Vexta. This DJ has morphed into a live act – expect nothing but the heaviest sub, the bootiest rhythms and the shakiest snares. Off-beat danger jazz mixed with smooth smack grooves
and freestyle soundscapes.

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  • Tickets: Rmb 30
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