Us3 [live!!]

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Turning it up with „stop. think. run

The mastermind behind Us3, London based producer Geoff Wilkinson and a perpetually changing collective of up and coming musicians make up this ever pioneering jazz/hip-hop hybrid.

In the early nineties Wilkinson broke new ground when he fused hip hop and jazz using the legendary Blue Note back catalogue as a sampling resource and created the genre-defining track „Cantaloop“. The resulting album „Hand on the Torch“ (1993) subsequently became a global phenomenon, and was the first Blue Note album ever to achieve Platinum status (1,000,000 sales) in the USA.

The story doesn’t end here, Wilkinson proceeded to „hand on the torch“ by weaving in various new elements as he created 6 more albums, continuously collaborating with new artists, who all brought in their musical arrays.

The newest album „stop. think. run“ (March 2009), released on Wilkinson’s own record label features US emcees Brook Yung and Sene along with the cream of British jazz talent.

Aside from Wilkinson Yugong Yishan will see Brook Yung & Akil Baker (USA), notable faces on the jazz side including Ed Jones (sax) and Bryan Corbett (trumpet), while top turntablist DJ First Rate scratches up a storm.

Don’t miss the 8-piece Us3 live-band raising the temperature at Yugong Yishan on October 16th!

„The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.“

Eleanor Roosevelt








7pm DJ BB // 8:30pm Warm up // 9:30pm Us3 //
11pm DJ Suki

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