MIT & SUPER700 (Germany)




Back in 2005, this infernal trio from Cologne/Germany came with moog, big-muff-bass and drums to knock us down and pull us up again twitching like a short cicuit. After two Eps and the hit-single „Goodbook“ MIT changed not only the instrumentation, but also their whole style when they created their first whole album “Coda”. The former noisy, electronic, fast and short punk mutated to a hypnotic, clinic but warm electro-neo-kraut-extravaganza.

More instruments, more layers, more computers, more drums, more delay, more everything…




Seeing this berlin-based band live is a baffling experience as they manage to draw the listener into moody and dark sceneries with hauntingly dangerous atmospheres „when they unfold through sinister night vibes with epic rock noises flowing in every direction.” . SUPER700 does not sound like…. but simply sounds like themselves.

In particular with Ibadet Ramadani lending her voice to this venture; “Needless to say that she has one of the most exciting, impressive, alluringly and hauntingly wonderful voices with attitude in modern music and with a radiating, charismatic presence that comes from somewhere else.



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