Epic B Movie Confrontation of Giant Electro Beasts

Special Guest LIman

Pet Conspiracy fresh from their European Tour comes back to Beijing for their first concert in months. After 12 cities and 5 countries of crazy audiences and bruises they bring back their new new best friend from Berlin, electro legends Jeans Team. Emerging from the chaotic 90’s Berlin art scence, Jeans Team were former owners of the famous gallery the Berlin Tokyo that was a cradle of cradle of creativity in the city.

From Gallery owners they turned electronic producers in the late 90’s and at their first album launch, Jean’s Team’s music was debuted as covered by artists like Peaches, Stereototal, and Kiss-o-gram. Together with Pet Conspiracy this party will be a cabaret of disco pleasure and electro pain.




  • Start:
  • Tickets: Rmb 80/60 (presale/students)
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